Carrier Ethernet

Marcatel ethernet services was designed to offer faster and reliable connectivity in order that you can transmit your most sensitive data across Marcatel International Network.

Marcatel Carrier Ethernet service is certified MEF compliant.

IP Transit

Marcatel IP transit service delivers the high performance internet connectivity that your business requires.


Dark Fiber & Optical Spectrum

Marcatel dark fiber was constructed to offer the best latency (ultra low) between Mexico and USA and it’s the most reliable route in Mexico. You can expand your network footprint in using our unique routes.


Virtual Point of Presence, gives you the ability to opperate a Point of Presence, without the need of installing, expensive infraestructure. Through Marcatel's installations you can have access and expand your network. 


Wavelenght service is a way to connect mainframes, data centers, and any two different points in order to transfer data efficiently. Using DWDM it is possible to deliver data through a high-bandwidth optical network. Offering 1, 2.5, and 10 GBPS wavelength services. 


An IP Virtual Private Network is a unique service which will allow you to make voice, data and video transmissions via IP. This will give you the opportunity of creating your very own networks, customizing the bandwidth according to your needs. 

Colocation Services

Marcatel colocation services provide scalable infrastructure in our carriers hotels suites. Our offers could includes space, power, connectivity, remote hands. 


Internet Services

Marcatel Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service provides symmetric bandwidth, high performance internet connectivity that your business requires.

Managed Services

Remote Hands is a maintenance remote service, which allows the customer to do updates, installations and maintenance in their infrastucture without having to send personnel directly to do this. 

The client has the know-how, and uses an expert from Marcatel to assist them in the process without having to make traveling expenditures.




Marcatel SD-WAN provides a fast, secure, and efficient WAN solution, that enables secure paths in different locations over any kind connectivity


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Carrier Solutions

We strive to keep up-to-date products and provide an excellent  service with a highly trained team. 

Your business needs a personalized solution, we can provide it.